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South Park Review: Moss Piglets

Last week's South Park tried to mock the NFL and it's recent issues, but according to some, the episode fell ...
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Bob’s Burgers Review: Thanks-Hoarding

Bob's Burgers offered up a great Thanksgiving special last week and AV Club has a great review. Check it out ...
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The Simpsons ‘Mr. Plow’ Turns 25

It's been 25 years since Homer Simpson became Mr. Plow and The Simpsons landed possibly it's first classic. In the ...
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The 11 Best Transformations Of Futurama’s Bender

Bender from Futurama has gone through a lot of transitions over the years (few of which were ever emotional or ...
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Simpsons Review: “The Old Blue Mayor…”

The Simpsons offered some solid political humor recently with an episode titled "The old blue mayor she ain't what she ...
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Dan Harmon Speaks At Cornell Univerity

Last week, co-crrator of Rick And Morty, Dan Harmon, spoke to a crowd of students at Cornell University. He spoke ...
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Bob’s Burgers Review: Sit Me Baby, One More Time

Bob's Burgers offered up a great new episode last week, where Tina and Tammy battle it out as babysitters. Check ...
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adult swim

Adult Swim Announces Christmas Specials & Nintendo Switch Games

Adult Swim is starting Christmas early with an announcement about their upcoming specials. Here are some highlights: 12/10 - Freshly ...
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futurama meme

Best Of The Best: Futurama Memes

Futurama has always been a hit among the adult animation community, and naturally it has managed to survive through internet ...
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south park phone destroyer

South Park Wants To Take Over Your Phone

Comedy Central's South Park has released a new app for iPhone and Android. South Park: Phone Destroyer. Described as "Hearthstone ...
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