‘Rick and Morty’: Inside the Long-Awaited Third Season

The long wait for Rick and Morty‘s third season is nearly over.

Nearly two years after season two’s cliffhanger finale, in which Rick is incarcerated in an intergalactic prison, Adult Swim surprised fans worldwide by airing the premiere episode of season three on perhaps the most appropriate of days for the outrageous animated comedy: April Fool’s Day.

The result was an expected fervor of excitement for new episodes, but zealous fans would have to wait another two months for a premiere date to finally be announced as July 30. Now, just days away from the kickoff of the new season, show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, as well as star Sarah Chalke, have dished up a fresh slew of teasers and hints for avid fans on what to expect from their favorite dimension-hopping convict grandfather and his family — but first they had to address what has become possibly the best April Fool’s joke in TV history.


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