Rick and Morty Recap: After the Boom-Boom

Now that Beth and Jerry are finally separating, Morty is taking their divorce pretty hard. As Jerry’s moving van idles in the driveway, Morty makes sure he’ll really get to see his dad every other weekend. Summer, on the other hand, barely says good-bye, jumping immediately into the next portal Rick opens. Morty reluctantly follows. Beth says a quick good-bye to Jerry before retreating back into the house, leaving her soon-to-be ex-husband to face his moving truck with only the wind’s taunts for company.

Through the portal, Rick, Summer, and Morty wind up in a Mad Max: Fury Road–esque car chase with a scavenger gang called the Death Stalkers. When Summer, in full action-hero mode, manages to take out their leader — he’s basically an Immortan Joe stand-in — a Death Stalker named Hemorrhage asks Summer, Rick, and Morty to join them. Rick and Morty beg off, but then Rick notices the gang’s giant glowing rock, which is made of a material called Isotope 322.

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